Taking on an Electrical Apprentice

If you have existing staff who need an electrical apprenticeship or want to recruit a new apprentice make sure you speak to us today. We can support you not only by providing industry leading training but also in getting your apprenticeship off the ground and right through to completion. 

No matter what the age of your apprentice you could find that some or all of their apprenticeship can be funded, saving you money and providing you with skilled labour that can add to your work force.

We have a huge database of adult learners who can hit the ground running to support you and come with previous training and knowledge. Many have already achieved elements of the electrical diploma and can be flipped into a funded apprenticeship if you take them on.

Unlike other colleges we accept students all year round to help individuals achieve their goals when it best suits.

What are the benefits to an Employer of taking on an Apprentice?

  • Employers gain skilled labour who are professionally trained by Trade Skills 4U and by you in the skills and processes that you are most in need of.
  • Provide skilled workers for the future.
  • Increase staff loyalty and retention.
  • Development of skills and knowledge relevant to their jobs.
  • You are able to nurture and pass on your knowledge.
  • Government incentives available to assist with costs may be available. Ask us about these.

How much will an apprentice cost me?

Levy Paying Employers: with an annual payroll of more than £3 million are charged a levy of 0.5%. They can use this to pay for training.

Non-Levy Employers: paying employers make a 5% contribution and the government will pay the remaining 95% for an apprentice aged 19+

An Employer taking on an Apprentice aged 16-18 years will receive a £1000 incentive.

A Government incentive of £3000 is available for an Apprentice enrolled before the 31st January, 2022. If the Apprentice is 16-18, this is additional to the standing £1000 making this a total of £4000 for a 16–18-year-old apprentice.

What is required of an Employer to take on a funded learner (Apprentice)?

  • Completion of our Health and Safety Vetting
  • Providing an induction and continued on-the-job training.
  • Ensuring that there is a signed Apprenticeship Agreement in place which outlines how long the apprenticeship is for, the training they’ll receive, their working conditions and the qualification they’re working towards
  • Offer the same benefits to apprentices as other employees receive such as sick pay, paid holiday and the opportunity to opt into a workplace pension scheme, if they meet the eligibility criteria.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your apprentice spends at least 20% of their working hours completing off-the-job training as part of their apprenticeship.
  • Ensure the apprentice is paid for the time they spend training and studying for their qualification e.g when they attend one of our centres.

How does it work?

An electrical apprenticeship is made up of 3 key elements;

  • The Knowledge Units (training in a centre)
  • Performance units (on the job portfolio) 
  • A final AM2 assessment (2 day assessment)

Initially apprentices are likely to attend training with Trade Skills 4U for 1 Week a month as we deliver theory and practical training onsite and online. As an independent training provider we can be more flexible in when trainees start and attend each course module and can even design bespoke programmes for larger cohorts.

Employers will be required to pay apprentices for their work and training time. There is a set minimum wage you must pay, this can below the national minimum wage but is usually higher.

As well as attending training, your employees will be reviewed and assessed in their work environment (usually over a 3-4 year period). They will be required to complete set tasks and goals set out by the framework and will be required to ensure they collect evidence of their work and build a portfolio that can be reviewed.

To complete the framework and gain the full NVQ qualification will take on average 3-4 years.

Why speak to Trade Skills 4U about apprenticeships

For many years we have been delivering the knowledge units of the apprenticeship in an intensive way. This model works for our customers who are mainly mature students as it allows them to front load their training, get their foot in the door of the industry and then complete the NVQ/performance units once they are working. By delivering in this way we have found the following benefits which will apply to any employer looking at electrical apprenticeships:

  • Your apprentices will be more useful in a much shorter space of time. This will mean they can start generating real business benefits sooner.
  • We have a large number of students (many of whom are already trained) looking for apprenticeship placements.
  • As we deliver in 1 week blocks less time is spent re-capping and more time is spent learning. Practical tasks and tough subjects can be delivered in a continuous way making it much easier for the learner to retain the information
  • Younger students training with us will benefit from a more grown up atmosphere in classes

Electrical apprenticeships really can be a win, win situation for both employers and employees. Employers gain skilled labour who are professionally trained by Trade Skills 4U and also by you in the skills and processes that you are most in need of.

They also offer an affordable solution for your work force needs, not just in the short term but also in the longer term as they grow with your business.

If you are interested in registering an apprentice on our apprenticeship courses or simply want more information please contact or simply call 01293 529777.

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