Top Tips For Taking Your Electrical Exams

In line with the latest Government Covid-19 guidelines, we are re-opening all our training centres on 1st June 2020 with social distancing measures in place. Our exams will be delivered first for customers who have been waiting since the lockdown to pass their courses. Many will be thinking about the best way to prepare so we quizzed our instructors and listed our top 10 tips to get ready for your electrical exam below.

Before the Exam

1. Notes

If you made notes during the course, make sure to go over them. Create flashcards to test yourself and colour code your notes to help you find the answer quickly.

2. Practice past exam questions

Your tutor will be able to help you obtain examples of past exam questions. Make sure to practice and familiarise yourself with the style of questions and the marking criteria.

3. Time yourself

Make sure to practice answering the questions during the allocated time. This can help you to achieve the highest possible scores by ensuring that you have a chance to read & answer every question. 

4. Stay calm and positive

Remaining cool, calm and collected is the perfect recipe for success. Find a revision method that works for you based on whether you are an auditory, visual or tactile learner.  Remember if you don't pass it's not the end of the world and with most of our exams you can easily book a resit if you don't pass first time.

5. Get a good night’s sleep

This is especially important for the night before your examination. Getting a good night’s sleep will enable you to be more focused the next day and can help reduce stress levels.

On the day of the Exam

6. Ensure you have the correct material

For practical examination, make sure you are familiar with the equipment you will be using. For written or multiple-choice exams, make sure you are aware of the maximum time available and you have everything you need i.e. calculator or you on-site guide.

7. Food & Drink

Make sure you are fed and hydrated before the exam. Some people like to have sugary energy drinks before exams but these can lead your brain to crash when the sugar wears off. We highly recommend lots of water and bananas as a great pre-exam snack!  Remember, make sure to visit the loo before the exam.

8. Flag questions

This feature is available on multiple choice exams. If you are unsure about a question don't dwell on it. Answer it, then flag it and move on.  You can then double check your answer before finishing your exam. If you are still unsure of the answer to the question go with your first answer as it is usually the right one. 

9. Formulas 

Some exams may require you to memorise mathematical formulas. As soon as the exam starts, quickly write the formulas on the margin of your question paper so that you don’t run the risk of forgetting them whilst you progress through the paper.

10. Always read the question properly

It can be very easy on multiple choice exams to quickly answer a question and move on. Above all make sure you read the question properly as the wording can often mean the difference between A or B. If you have time at the end use it wisely and double check your answers. 

Remember exams can be taken again so please do not put too much pressure on yourself. Try to keep calm, remain cool and trust your judgement and the work you have already put in will pay off.

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