Why Take Virtual Classroom Courses

  • This is a great way to fill time if you are stuck at home during this period of crisis. 
  • It's interactive, you can ask questions and interact with your tutor and other students
  • Learn at home on a PC/Laptop/IPad/Tablet (Mobile phone is possible but a bigger screen is recommended)
  • We provide in centre exams and assessments with a refresher if needed
  • You will be able to go away and take practice exams before the real thing
  • It is not a pre recorded voiceover with text like many e-learning courses
  • You will be committed to a specific class and date to motivate you to attend

What is Virtual Classroom Training?

It's the same as attending an in centre course but online. You log in online and attend a live course session. You can follow the course, ask questions, have breaks and generally interact in a very similar way to in centre courses. The only difference is you interact online. You can use a laptop, tablet or even a phone to access the classes and the software we use is designed to make the process and experience as smooth as possible.

We need to be clear this is not E-learning. You are not viewing a pre-recorded lesson that you can pause and start at any time. These sessions will be scheduled and taught live. As such spaces are limited just as they are on a real course. If you are scheduled to attend a virtual classroom you will be taking a limited space so please treat it like a normal class that you must attend. 

Which courses can I attend as Virtual Classroom?

We offer a wide range of non practical courses virtually. View this page for a full list. Please note that more dates will be live soon however for now if you are keen to attend a virtual course please call 01293529777 and we can inform you of specific sessions.

What about the practical workshop training of my qualification ?

Due to the Covid crisis, obviously we can't facilitate people being together in the workshop. so we'll schedule the practical stuff after the restrictions have been lifted. 

When will I do my exams?

Once you have completed your course simply give us a call and we will book your exams for you. Exams usually take place on a Wednesday and Friday morning. However simply call 01293 529777 to find out suitable dates.

Quick enquiry

If enquiring about a course , please let us know your preferred start dates.