About the Scheme

When it comes to settling into civilian life, it's not unknown for ex-servicemen and women to fall through the gaps. If you are finding it hard to resettle, have been forced to retire due to injury without a suitable resettlement package or are suffering from PTSD I would like to help.

I understand that a soldier's scars from war are often hidden and our free and discounted training is for those who are struggling to find a new path.

This scheme was launched in June 2011 by Simon Weston OBE. Check out the video below:

Throughout the year we have course places on offer completely free of charge to ex-service men and women with our ex-military bursary scheme.

All our awards are at our discretion and applicants will be vetted before an award is made.

The free place is intended for applicants who:

  • Have been injured in service or suffer from PTSD.
  • Are not already working in a trade such as electrics, plumbing or renewable installation
  • Have been unable to find suitable work since leaving the army and are struggling to find a new career
  • Generally most elligible applicants are in situations where by they are being helped by organisations such Civvy Street, The Royal British Legion, SSAFA or the Poppy Factory.

Even if you are not eligible for this place give us a call on 01293 529777 and discuss your needs. We often will apply discounts for ex-service men and women at our discretion.

**Please note we can not provide discounts for students using ELCAS credits to pay for their course**

The first Forgotten Heroes Bursary was awarded on the 17th June 2011 by Simon Weston OBE at our open day.

Why do we offer this?

Our Managing Director Carl Bennett was forced to retire from the Met police SO19 Specialist firearms dept after 22 years service due to serious illness, and so he understands how difficult it can be to change your career in the face of adversity.

That is why we have a genuine offer of a free place in our centre every week for someone either injured in recent military conflicts or one of our many Forgotten Hero's as featured in the recent BBC documentary by Col Tim Collins highlighting ex service personnel struggling to find their feet following their discharge from the armed forces.

Carl recently spent some time at Headley Court rehabilitation hospital and discovered he could do something practical to help service guys or girls with life after the military.

We are not a huge company and can't offer free training to everyone that is eligible so we have to select and prioritise those able to take the free training, based on need, please call us for more info on how to apply.

Quick enquiry

If enquiring about a course , please let us know your preferred start dates.