Why take the Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Training - Online Course (eLearning)?

CPD = 2 Units

Course Snapshot

The Safeguarding Adults training course has been created on the foundation of human rights and the right to be healthy, happy and treated well, irrespective or race, age, gender or location. This Safeguarding Adults course explores possible scenarios when these rights are abused and the correct policies, procedure and safeguarding steps needed in order to rectify the situation.

The Safeguarding Adults Course explores many facts and figures surrounding the risks to adults in need of care and supports, and the types of abuse suffered and key safeguarding legislation to minimise the risk of abuse of adults with care and support needs.

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults course is CPD approved.

Who is this course for?

This Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults course is aimed at anyone who has a duty of care for, or comes into contact with, adults in need of care and support. This includes people who work (or volunteer) in domiciliary care, the NHS, community centres, prisons or with a family member at home.

The course sets out the roles and responsibilities everyone must undertake to protect the rights of vulnerable adults. You and the organisation you work for must take appropriate and proportional measures necessary for the protection of adults in your care, this eLearning course will help you to take the appropriate steps towards achieving this.

Why Take this Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Course?

This course will teach you the key terminology in relation to safeguarding vulnerable adults as well as the regulations and legislations which are applicable to safeguarding and indented to minimise abuse.

It will help you to recognise and respond to the ten types of abuse suffered by vulnerable adults and the steps you must take in order to identify, and report concerns of abuse or neglect to the appropriate channels. The course will describe your role and responsibilities within safeguarding adults and how you can support and encourage vulnerable adults to make their own decision, give informed consent, and manage their environment to minimise the risk of abuse.

Course overview

System’s requirements

This course will work on most modern browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. You should have at least 1GB of RAM installed and a decent internet connection of at least 3MB per second.

The Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults course contents

  • Introduction and Definitions
  • Types of Abuse and the Rights of Vulnerable Adults
  • Recognising the Signs of Abuse
  • What to Do if you Suspect Abuse
  • Safeguarding Legislation

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Exam and Assessment

  • 80 minutes eLearning course
  • 5 modules to be completed with a minimum 70% pass requirement

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