Why take the Identifying Electrical Hazards in the Home - Online Course (eLearning)?

Course Snapshot 

By law, a periodic inspection of the electrical installations in rental properties in England must be carried out every five years. When a change of tenancy occurs, the landlord or their representative should always carry out a visual check to confirm that a property is safe to re-let Source: Electrical Safety First

This online course is intended to enable anyone to identify basic electrical hazards in a home. This does not replace the need for a full electrical inspection however, whilst you are visiting the property there are things you can do to ensure the tenant remains safe whilst in their home. You could also give them some useful advice on how to use the installation safely and efficiently.

During this course you will complete a short (20-30 minute) eLearning module which includes a walkaround of a property to help you identify potential electrical hazards and includes advice you could give to tenants to ensure the safe and effective use of the installation.
We will also consider ways in which you could report any potential hazards.

There will be a short quiz at the end to test your knowledge and then you can download your certificate of attendance upon completion.

Course overview

Who Is This Course For?

This course is aimed at anyone (landlords, care workers and other professionals) to help in identifying basic electrical hazards in the home.

Why Take This Electrical Safety Course?

This online course is intended for anyone who visits tenanted properties (landlords, care workers and other professionals) to identify potential electrical hazards in the home. This does not include rectification of the hazard or replace the requirement for a full electrical inspection; however, it will enable professionals (such as care workers) to identify and report on potential electrical problems between scheduled electrical inspections and between tenancies.

System requirements

This course will work on most modern browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. You should have at least 1GB of RAM installed and a decent internet connection of at least 3MB per second.

Electrical safety for care workers and other professionals course contents:

  • Who is responsible for ensuring rented properties are properly maintained?
  • How your human senses can help you identify common electrical hazards
  • Practical examples and video walkaround of a tenanted property
  • Energy saving advice
  • Examples of reporting procedures
  • End of unit quiz
  • Certificate of completion

Online Course Timings
Approximately 30-45 mins


  • End of unit quiz
  • Certificate of completion

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